Ministerial Musings – “Auld Lang Syne”

And so it is that we have reached the end of my first calendar year in Gower.
It’s actually really quite amazing to me how quickly the time has flown by, especially when I consider how jam-packed the year has been: started my first full-time call to ministry, got married, attended Navy Chaplain School… you know, those minor life events.
All along the way, I’ve had the privilege of spending the last ten months serving as the pastor of a congregation that has been very supportive of me as their minister and very receptive of all the things I have to say from the pulpit, even when some of those things are perhaps new, different, and a little bit against the grain. I know, from having seen the experiences of my friends in ministry, just how fortunate I am to have been called to a congregation such as this one. That, in no small part, is why I intend to hold onto this call for just as long as God will let me!
As we head into 2015, Gower Christian Church will continue to adapt and evolve to serve as the presence of Christ to the people of Gower and northwest Missouri. Our elders and deacons will be taking on a slightly expanded leadership role in the coming year, as we seek to more fully integrate the church into the life of each of our members. With the debt on the AFC now under $100,000, it may well be time for us, as a church, to start considering what we are being called to do next to serve our community. And there’s a very good possibility that we may be expanding our involvement in the training of the next generation of ministers of the church of Christ—stay tuned for more developments!
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to this congregation for the many, many ways in which it has demonstrated its generosity during my first year here. Every time there has been a funeral, there has been no shortage of volunteers to help, and an unbelievable amount of contributions in honor of the deceased. The response to our Adopt-a-Family program was absolutely staggering. Your hospitality toward Michael Whitlock this past summer was a true demonstration of God’s love. And of course, the support that you have shown to Caitie and me in so many ways as we’ve adjusted to living in Gower has been immeasurable.
Let us now look toward the future, and with great strength, continue to run the race that has been set before us! Here’s to 2015.
In Christ,


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