Ministerial Musings – “Shepherding Groups”

Many of you recently received letters from the church about a new Shepherding Group program that we’re doing.
I know that many of you have questions about what this entails, so this month, I’d like to use this page to explain the program and its purpose.
One of any pastor’s biggest concerns for a congregation is that all of the members of the church would feel well-connected, and that all of their needs would be met. Though we often refer to ourselves as a “small” church, the reality is that we’re anything but – in any given month, two hundred or more total different members of this church will be in Sunday morning worship over the course of the month, and that’s sizable for any Disciples of Christ congregation, let alone a rural one.
And so, for one person to take on the task of ensuring the connectedness of all the members is nearly impossible, and generally leads to nobody feeling well-connected. That’s where the Shepherding Group program comes in. The pastor by himself may not be able to sufficiently meet the needs of every single member of the congregation, but adding the assistance of twenty-one elders and twenty-four members of the diaconate will help ensure that nobody is forgotten about, and that everybody in the church remains well-connected to the congregation.
I want to make sure that every single member of this congregation feels like Gower Christian Church is a place that cares about them and that wants to support them in every aspect of their lives. I believe that the Shepherding Group program will be instrumental in making sure that happens. And of course, my door is always open, my phone always on, my email always accessible, should you ever have any questions or concerns. My whole reason for being here is to make sure that each of you has a loving home in Christ’s family.
In Christ,


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