Ministerial Musings – “It Takes an Army”

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the old saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” There’s something similar you could say about a church – “It takes an army to run a church.”
Now, obviously, I’m not talking about a bunch of people running around with camouflage uniforms and M-16s, but rather, the army of volunteers that keep this church moving along like a well-oiled machine. Many, many people give freely of their time to make this thing we call “Gower Christian Church” happen each week, and they deserve our respect and appreciation.
And so, on May 31st, we’re going to hold a service commonly called “Laity Sunday” in Disciples of Christ congregations. Laity Sunday is meant to recognize all of the lay leaders in a congregation, from those who volunteer behind the scenes in the kitchen and on the grounds to those who are most visible, such as our elders and worship leaders. Each of those people is invaluable to making the ministry of Christ happen in Gower, and I would like to make sure that every one of them is recognized for their efforts.
And so, if you give of your time as a volunteer to this church, whether it’s as an elder or deacon, as a board or committee member, as an educator or a youth leader, as a behind the scenes worker, as a worship leader, or in any capacity, I would invite you to join us for worship on Sunday, May 31st, to participate in a service of recognition and blessing for your work in shining the light of Christ on earth. If you just recently ended a time of volunteer service, we would like to make sure you are recognized as well.
I can’t do my job and this church cannot carry out its mission without each and every person who volunteers in some capacity. You all have my great thanks for your work in the name of our God, and I hope to see each of you on May 31st.
In Christ,


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