A Mission Trip Update

Last Sunday night, we had cause for celebration. As of the end of our Trivia Night fundraiser, the CYF Mission Trip was 100% funded. None of our youth would have to pay a dime, and the church wouldn’t have to subsidize it at all.
But of course it wasn’t that easy. It never is.
In the intervening time, we have had three of the ten youth who were slated to go back out. One was unavoidable – she had to have very serious surgery on her shoulder, which will prevent her from going on the trip. She is, of course, deeply disappointed about not being able to go; however, good health – especially for young people – is by necessity much more important than a mission trip.
Aside from her, however, two others have dropped out for… reasons. Reasons I know not. Reasons that lurk only within the minds of high schoolers. It’s been fifteen years since I graduated from Phoenix Christian High School – I don’t pretend to understand the vagaries that motivate high school students today.
But that leaves us with three open spots on the mission trip, a mission trip that this church has put a lot of time, effort, and money into. A lot of money has already been paid by the church for those three spots. So here’s the deal:
If you are a high schooler, or if you know a high schooler, who would like to go on a 100% all-expenses paid Mission and Cultural Immersion trip to Southern California, leaving June 3rd and returning June 13th, please let me know. Priority of consideration will be given in this order:
1) Youth who are somehow involved with Gower Christian Church (worship, Sunday School, CYF youth group)
2) Youth residents of Gower, Missouri
3) Other Disciples of Christ CYF youth
We leave in 25 days. Let’s make sure the vans are full!


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