Ministerial Musings – “Fall”

Hey everybody, did you notice? FALL IS HERE!
Growing up, I didn’t really experience fall. Summer in Phoenix goes until about Veterans Day, and then we transition into a season that is probably more accurate to label as “Mild” than “Winter”. Yes, it occasionally snows in Phoenix. I have also been occasionally known to demonstrate actual grace and poise on a dance floor. Realistically, though, neither happens that often.
Then, I moved to North Carolina. You know what they have in North Carolina? Fall. Actual fall. Changing leaves, apple cider, pumpkin everything, an excuse to light up the fireplace – all of that. I really came to enjoy fall while I lived there, and I was greatly looking forward to my first Midwestern fall when I moved to Gower.
Of course, then the US Navy ordered me to Chaplain School and kind of put a crimp in those plans, but no matter, because this fall, I AM HERE AND IT IS GLORIOUS.
Fall is a clear time of change in the world as we transition from the baking days of summer to the freezing nights of winter. It is a temperate time that feels wonderful and generally smells amazing, and it is all meant to prepare us for the next thing in life. So too do our lives change, and with those changes, we must prepare ourselves for what comes next.
On October 4th, we will be voting on a slate of officers, elders, and deacons for 2016. Their lives will be changing, as will the leadership of our church. As they prepare to take on their new duties, I would ask that all of you would pray for them, that this fall may be a time of preparation as they look toward January 1st and new responsibilities of leadership in our church.
In Christ,


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